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  1. Kissers by Roland Lawar
    £7,200 + VAT
    Roland Lawar, Kissers, Painted Steel Learn More
  2. Angel Fish by Tendai Gwaravaza
    Tendai Gwaravaza, Angel Fish, Cobalt Stone Learn More
  3. Vertebrae by Timothy Trelfall
    Vertebrae by Timothy Trelfall, Barra Suite No 4, Bronze Learn More
  4. Blowing Bubbles by Tony Ombler
    Tony Ombler, Blowing Bubbles, Powder Coated Steel Learn More
  5. The Fool by Won Lee
    £18,000 + VAT
    Won Lee, The Fool Learn More
  6. Marble Rotation by Mustafa Emre
    Mustafa Emre, Marble Rotation, Carrera Marble Learn More
  7. Lifeline by Martyn Barratt
    Martyn Barratt, Lifeline, Bronze Learn More
  8. Embrace by Nick Moran
    Nick Moran, Embrace, Galvanised Steel Learn More
  9. Mother and Child by Nick Moran
    Nick Moran, Mother and Child, Galvanised Steel Learn More
  10. Revival by Nick Moran
    £5,750 + VAT
    Nick Moran, Revival, Galvanised Steel Learn More
  11. Hills of the North Rejoice by Nicolas Moreton
    Nicolas Moreton, Hills of the North Rejoice, Black Kilkenny Limestone Learn More
  12. Untitled I by Nigel Ash
    £1,140 + VAT
    Nigel Ash, Untitled I, Cotswold Stone Learn More
  13. Untitled II by Nigel Ash
    Nigel Ash, Untitled II, Cotswold Stone Learn More
  14. Untitled III by Nigel Ash
    Nigel Ash, Untitled III, Cotswold Stone Learn More
  15. Blade Runner by Nigel Dwyer
    Nigel Dwyer, Blade Runner, Steel and Wood Learn More
  16. Riorus by Nigel Ross
    £2,160 + VAT
    Nigel Ross, Riorus, Ash Learn More
  17. Three Little Birds by Paul Cox
    Paul Cox, Three Little Birds, Bronze and Welded Steel Learn More
  18. Siren I by Paul Riley
    £2,400 + VAT
    Paul Riley, Siren I, Stoneware on Wood Plinth Learn More
  19. This is not a hat stand by Paul Riley
    Paul Riley, This is not a Hat Stand, Resin Learn More

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