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  1. Motherly Love by Lucknos Chingaru at The Sculpture Park
    Motherly Love by Lucknos Chingaru, Stone Learn More
  2. Humble by Misheck Makaza at The Sculpture Park
    £8,000 + VAT
    Humble by Misheck Makaza, Stone Learn More
  3. Wooden Wolf by Jarvis Gray at The Sculpture Park
    Wooden Wolf by Jarvis Gray, Wood Learn More
  4. Balancing Rocks by Bywell Sango at The Sculpture Park
    Balancing Rocks by Bywell Sango, Stone Learn More
  5. Gazelle Family by Fungai Dodzo at The Sculpture Park
    Gazelle Family by Fungai Dodzo, Springstone Learn More
  6. Ballet Dancer by Garison Machingiri at The Sculpture Park
    Ballet Dancer by Garison Machingiri, Springstone Learn More
  7. Feet of the Mind by Colin Nyanhongo at The Sculpture Park
    Feet of the Mind by Colin Nyanhongo, Stone Learn More
  8. New Beginning by Tawanda Makore at The Sculpture Park
    New Beginning by Tawanda Makore, Opal Stone Learn More
  9. Heads by Steven Hunton at The Sculpture Park
    £7,200 + VAT
    Heads by Steven Hunton, Copper Learn More
  10. Giant Driftwood Iguana at The Sculpture Park
    Giant Driftwood Iguana by Anon Unknown, Wood Learn More
  11. Goat Mask by Alex Davies
    £6,000 + VAT
    Goat Mask by Alex Davies, Bronze Learn More
  12. Chaim Stephenson (1926 - 2016), The Warrior , Bronze Resin over Metal Armature, Unique, The Sculpture Park
    The Warrior by Chaim Stephenson, Bronze Learn More
  13. Driftwood horse, Unique, The Sculpture Park
    Driftwood Horse by Anon Unknown, Wood Learn More
  14. Jonathan Loxley, Conception, Turkin Blu marble on hardwood African base
    Conception by Jonathan Loxley, Various Learn More
  15. Mislav Katalinic, Wire Dog Sculpture, Steel, Wood base, Unique, The Sculpture Park
    Wire Dog Sculpture by Mislav Katalinic, Metal Learn More
  16. Thomas Bayliss Huxley Jones, (British, 1908-1969), Seated Female, Bronze, The Sculpture Park
    Seated Female by Thomas Bayliss Huxley Jones, Bronze Learn More
  17. Xavier Corbero, Twin Abstracts, Bronze, The Sculpture Park
    Twin Abstracts by Xavier Corbero, Bronze Learn More
  18. Lily Henry, Dancing Stones, Bronze Resin
    Dancing Stones by Lily Henry, Bronze Resin. These substantial monumental pieces are stunning when displayed either by themselves, or as a trio. Each one carries the suggestion of form and movement under it's surface, with curves and shapes giving a different impression from each angle. These are available either individually, at £11,000 (Ex. VAT) each, or for the full set of three at £33,000 (Ex. VAT). Learn More
  19. Hex, Asteroid, Stainless Steel, Unique, Imprinted with ASTEROID PF 852 FF HEX, 148cm h, 230cm w, 132cm d
    £80,000 + VAT
    Asteroid by Mister Hex, Stainless Steel Learn More
  20. Tanya Russell, Stargazers, Bronze, 80cm high, 50cm wide, 16cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    £2,833.33 + VAT
    Stargazers by Tanya Russell, Bronze Learn More

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