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  1. Atman by Jonathan Loxley
    £15,600 + VAT
    Jonathan Loxley, Atman, Marble and Gold Leaf Learn More
  2. Atman by Jonathan Loxley
    £26,400 + VAT
    Jonathan Loxley, Atman, Portuguese Marble and 24 carat Gold Learn More
  3. Destiny by Jonathan Loxley
    Jonathan Loxley, Born 1960, Destiny, Honey Onyx on Anodised Aluminium Base Learn More
  4. Driftwood Creature by Martin Scorey
    Martin Scorey, Driftwood Creature Learn More
  5. Trilogy 1, 2 & 3 by Philip Medley
    Philip Medley, Triligy 1, 2 and 3, Steel Learn More
  6. Torso by Tim Threlfall
    £7,200 + VAT
    Tim Threlfall, Torso 1989, Portugese Marble and Walnut Learn More
  7. Head by Doug Cocker
    £11,400 + VAT
    Doug Cocker, Head, Fabricated Bronze Learn More
  8. See no Evil by Eddie Masaya
    Eddie Masaya, See no Evil, Spring Stone Learn More
  9. Three Mushrooms by Edwin Schofield
    Edwin Schofield, Three Toadstools, Steel Learn More
  10. Fantastic Fin
    £3,360 + VAT
    Fantastic Fin, Wood Learn More
  11. Leaf by Frederic Chevarin ARBS
    Frederic Chevarin ARBS, Leaf, Alabaster Learn More
  12. Rêveur by Frederic Cheverin ARBS
    Frederic Cheverin, Rêveur, Bronze Learn More
  13. Lion Fish by Frederic Chevarin
    Frederic Chevarin, Lion Fish, Alabaster Learn More
  14. Venetian by Geoff Jones
    £2,340 + VAT
    Geoff Jones, Venetian, Powder-coated stainless steel Learn More
  15. The Prisoner by Graham Talbot
    Graham Talbot, The Prisoner, Wood & Steel Learn More
  16. Fantasy Fleet by Guy Routledge
    Guy Routledge, Fantasy Fleet, Wood Learn More
  17. Armed Herm by Halliday Avray-Wilson
    Armed Halliday Avray-Wilson, Herm, Bronze Learn More
  18. Hare on Shovel by Harriet Mead
    Harriet Mead, Hare on Shovel, Found Steel Objects Learn More
  19. Bread Crates by Ian Dawson
    Iain Dawson, Bread Crates, Plastic Learn More
  20. Emperor Penguin by Ian Marshall
    Ian Marshall, Emperor Penguin, Beaten and Stainless Steel Learn More

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