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  1. Blade Runner by Nigel Dwyer
    £12,960 inc VAT
    Nigel Dwyer, Blade Runner, Steel and Wood Learn More
  2. Siren I by Paul Riley
    £2,880 inc VAT
    Paul Riley, Siren I, Stoneware on Wood Plinth Learn More
  3. This is not a hat stand by Paul Riley
    Paul Riley, This is not a Hat Stand, Resin Learn More
  4. Planets by Paula Groves
    Paula Groves, Planets, Steel and Chrome Learn More
  5. Bird by Peter Walker
    £17,280 inc VAT
    Peter Walker, Bird, Corten Steel Learn More
  6. Leaf Pylon by Dallas Collins
    £12,960 inc VAT
    Dallas Collins, Leaf Pylon, Steel and Ceramic Learn More
  7. Pebble and Wheel by Kate Semple
    Kate Semple, Pebble and Wheel, Portland Stone and Glass Learn More
  8. River by Kate Semple
    £4,248 inc VAT
    Kate Semple, River, Portland Stone and Glass Learn More
  9. Totem by Kate Semple
    Kate Semple, Totem, Portland Stone and Glass Learn More
  10. Transform by Martyn Barratt
    £5,760 inc VAT
    Martyn Barratt, Transform, Kiln Formed Glass Learn More
  11. Infinity and its Shadow by David Cooke
    David Cooke, Infinity and its Shadow, Stoneware Learn More
  12. Eleven Frames by Armando Varela
    Armando Varela, Eleven Frames, Welded Steel Painted & Varnished Learn More
  13. Bird Man by Austin Emery
    £2,880 inc VAT
    Austin Emery, Bird Man, Bones Learn More
  14. Crescent Bench by Ben Barrell
    Ben Barrel, Crescent Bench, Marble Resin in Slate Black and Stainless Steel Learn More
  15. Finback Seat by Ben Barrell
    £9,360 inc VAT
    Ben Barrell, Finback Seat, Bronze Resin Learn More
  16. Childs Chair by Ben Nicolas
    £1,728 inc VAT
    Ben Nicolas, Childs Chair, Stoneware Learn More
  17. Fanned by Currents III by Ben Nicolas
    Ben Nicolas, Fanned by Currents III, Stoneware Learn More

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