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  1. Stephen Fox
    £2,160 + VAT
    Stephen Fox Learn More
  2. Lament by Terry Ryall
    £7,800 + VAT
    Terry Ryall, Born 1951, Lament, Welded Steel Learn More
  3. Sentinels by Terry Ryall
    £18,000 + VAT
    Terry Ryall, Born 1951, Sentinel I & II, Bronze Learn More
  4. Voyager by terry Ryall
    £2,640 + VAT
    Terry Ryall, Born 1951, Voyager, Welded Steel Learn More
  5. Sentinel by Terry Ryall
    £3,720 + VAT
    Terry Ryall, Sentinel, Bronze Learn More
  6. Barra Suite No. 7 by Tim Threlfall
    Tim Threlfall, 1940 -1999, Barra Suite No.7, Fossilised Marble Learn More
  7. Barra Suite No. 4 by Tim Threlfall
    Tim Threlfell, 1940 -1999, Barra Suite No. 4, Bronze Learn More
  8. Expanding Series by Vincent Jack
    Vincent Jack, Expanding Series, Burnt Wood and Steel Learn More
  9. Rootworks II by Philip Hearsey
    Philip Hearsey, Rootworks II, Scorched and Natural Oak with Bronze Learn More
  10. Square Pear by Richard Cresswell at The Sculpture Park
    Richard Cresswell, Square Pear, Stainless Steel Learn More
  11. Polly Ionides
    £26,400 + VAT
    Polly Ionides Learn More
  12. Cushions Wall Plaque by Regina Heinz
    Regina Heinz, Cushions Wall Plaque, Stoneware Learn More
  13. The Sentinels by Rob Naylor
    £9,499.99 + VAT
    Rob Naylor, The Sentinels, Bronze Learn More
  14. Kissers by Roland Lawar
    £7,200 + VAT
    Roland Lawar, Kissers, Painted Steel Learn More
  15. The Eye and Ear of the Sea by Swan Hildur
    Swan Hildur, The Eye and Ear of the Sea, Bronze Learn More
  16. Ladyship by Swan Hildur
    £4,200 + VAT
    Swanhildur, Ladyship, Bronze, variegated green patination Learn More
  17. Angel Fish by Tendai Gwaravaza
    Tendai Gwaravaza, Angel Fish, Cobalt Stone Learn More
  18. Vertebrae
    £4,200 + VAT
    Timothy Trelfall, Barra Suite No 4, Bronze Learn More
  19. The Fool by Won Lee
    £18,000 + VAT
    Won Lee, The Fool Learn More
  20. Lifeline by Martyn Barratt
    Martyn Barratt, Lifeline, Bronze Learn More

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