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Abel Makuvise

Abel Makuvise, an established Zimbabwean artist, was born in 1972 in Nyanga, Eastern Zimbabwe.

He grew up in poverty and only attended school for six years. After working as an assistant for a few years, he started sculpting on his own and soon realized that this would become his profession.

Makuvise displays outstanding quality in the depiction of abstract figures and human faces. Since 1993, he has worked with his younger brother Peter at the Nyanga Art Centre.

His favourite serpentine stones to work with are Lemon Opal, Green Serpentine and Black Serpentine, which he expertly utilises to create his masterpieces.

His work can be found in many galleries and private collections around the world, including in England, Korea, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands.

Abel Makuvise’s sculptures for sale at the sculpture park are detailed below:

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