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10 Things to do at The Sculpture Park

The Sculpture Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty nestled in the Surrey Hills. This inspirational site is occupied by a multitude of Modern, 20th Century and Contemporary sculpture. We are a leading supplier of sculpture to private, corporate and public buyers. We are also a popular tourist destination, appealing to young and old, arty types and outdoor types with plenty to do for everyone, some that you might not expect:

1. Follow the coloured trail

To make your way around The Sculpture Park, you are given a map detailing the coloured trail to follow. The trail is split into four parts: yellow, red, blue and green, each with coloured arrows to guide you through the meanderings paths and help you see the full collection of sculpture.

Sculpture Park, Churt, Map

2. Buy Sculpture

Almost all the art in The Sculpture Park is available to purchase and for immediate collection or delivery. Our team of experts are available to advise you on choosing the best sculpture for your garden or home, as well as the delivery and installation of any piece in the park or indoor gallery. We have a huge variety of sculpture for sale to suit most budgets and tastes.

New Sculpture for Mailchimp Jan 17

3. Play ‘guess the price’ game

As well as a map, you are given a guide book. This helpful list details the Artists Name, Title, Medium, Edition and Price of all the sculptures. A popular game is ‘Guess the price of the sculpture’, closely followed by ‘Guess the title’ with many marvelling at how close or how far off they were from the correct answer.

4. Meet the Sculpture Park dragons

Being a venue with Welsh heritage (Lloyd George used to frequent the pub opposite as well as live nearby, and our owner is Welsh), two red Welsh dragons can be found at The Sculpture Park gates as well as the Wyvern Dragon by James Doran-Webb which is one our most popular and photographed exhibits.

Wyvern by James Doran-Webbsmall

5. Experience complete darkness

Enter the mineshaft if you dare! Continuous contact with left hand wall, avoiding vertical drops, should ensure your safe passage through the shaft. Be quiet to avoid disturbing the bats – a protected species.

6. Activate the giant wind chimes

While navigating the red trail you will stumble across our two Giant Wind chimes. A gentle push will activate a musical palindrome of the Quartal scale. The serene notes smoothly float across the park on the passing breeze.

Giant Wind Chimes, Stainless Steel & Rope, QQ

7. Picnic in a Thai Pagoda

You are very welcome to bring a picnic to The Sculpture Park. We have many tables and benches scattered around but also two wonderful Thai Pagodas which make the perfect location for a posh picnic for up to 9 people (12 if you’re close friends). Don’t forget the Champagne! Alternatively we are situated opposite the Bel and Dragon pub and 2 minutes from The Orchard Barn Cafe. You are welcome to leave the park for lunch here or anywhere else then return to complete your trail.

Thai Hut, Teak,

8. Take photographs

Described by many as a ‘photographers dream’, you would be forgiven for kicking yourself if you forgot your camera. From towering abstract works to sculptural benches and views of the park, every corner brings a new and exciting photo opportunity. We are very happy for you to share your snaps on social media.

9. Meet the resident doves.

Although partial to a quick trip to the pub, we are home to a bevy of friendly doves who like to photobomb at any given opportunity.

2. clairevlinney instagram

10. Browse the indoor gallery

2015 saw the introduction of our indoor gallery, exhibiting around 200 interior works of affordable art as well as investment pieces. The gallery compliments our outdoor trail, with many pieces created by our favourite artists found on the trail including Ruth Moilliet, Maria Bayardo, Ferri Farahmandi and David Goode. Visitors delight in being able purchase sculpture for their home with prices starting from £10.

David Goode, Isabel's Goblin, Bronze, Signed 86 of 90, 40cm high, £5,750


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